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Why Shred?

Greater Sacramento Area ranks #9 in the nation for identity theft.

Dumpster diving is the most common way identity thieves steal information.
There are over 10 million identity thefts occurring annually and thousands of dollars charged in our names, you can avoid the harassment, the legal costs and the headaches by calling in an expert. Shred City can come to your residence or business or you can take your documents to our drop off shredding location. We make it effortless and affordable for you to protect your identity

How Shred City can help your business:

Confidential information isn’t limited to just bank statements and business contracts.

Confidential materials are produced daily in every business and by nearly every employee —from employee records and medical files to strategic planning documents. The fastest-growing form of fraud is identity theft and corporate espionage and it threatens to destroy personal credit ratings as well as business reputation and security. Our government continues to develop legislation to help protect individuals and businesses. But prevention is the best solution. Compliance with these privacy policies isn’t just good business practice anymore; it’s the law.
Shred City works with its clients to develop a suitable, secure shredding service program designed to meet their specific business needs. This program keeps them compliant and offers protection from identity theft. And, when business needs change, we offer the most flexible programs to keep your business secure. Protecting your business reputation and your information with a shredding service program that meets your needs are the advantages of having Shred City as your document destruction partner.
Contact us to arrange for a free consultation about your specific shredding needs for your business.

Save. Shred. Go Green.

Having Shred City take care of your paper shredding needs is the right choice because it's about 20% cheaper to outsource your paper shredding than to do it yourself in house with an office shredder. So, whether you choose on-site shredding, or off-site shredding, or visiting our drop-off location, Shred City saves you money. Shred City is also making an impact on the environment by recycling 100% of the shredded materials, saving thousands of trees each year.

Best Shredding Services California

Paper Shredding & Document Shredding

Here at SHRED CITY, we provide the best California Paper Shredding & Document Shredding Services, custom tailored to your requirements and at very affordable pricing. Our shredding solutions cater to Shingle Springs, Folsom, Sacramento, Cameron Park and every other area on-request by clients!

Businesses utilize tons of sheets of papers on a yearly basis, and these range from financial documents to activity reviews, among many others. Obviously a lot of such papers end up within the waste bins & recycling bins. And when these get into wrong hands, it could become serious problem since such confidential data could lead to fraud, theft and identity theft among other issues.

SHRED CITY is California Leading and Secure Document Shredding Company with many years of experience and reputation in the industry. We provide paper shredding services with guarantee for data/information security. Our services range from regular scheduled shredding solutions to drop off shredding, to ongoing shredding and to one-time shredding.

Using the best equipment and cutting-edge shredding technology, we simply convert your sensitive papers and documents into unrecognizable pieces. This will definitely offer you desired peace of mind as you become fully aware that such confidential papers/documents can’t be reproduced or restored.

With SHRED CITY Confidential Paper & Document Shredding in California, you can confidently Protect Yourself, Your loved ones, Your Clients and Your Entire Business!

  • We can visit your location on an on-call basis and you can also appoint us for a regular pick-up service.
  • We can also shred all materials right in your presence if you would like to witness the entire process & destruction. Please note that an appointment would be required for this!

Contact us now, and you will be glad you found us - just as thousands of clients are happy with our services!

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